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Clawback Mission

Clawback Mission

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The United States Congress has devolved over the last 100 years into something far less than it originally was. And it’s less than intended by the Constitution.

One reason for the current pettiness and infighting in Congress is because it has given up many of its powers and responsibilities to the President and Federal bureaucracies. It has been gradual – over 100 years. But Congress is now like bored children with not enough to do (other than get re-elected). So they bicker.

Congress was intended to debate and deliberate on significant issues … then pass thoughtful legislation … and finally oversee the execution and budgets for that legislation.

Here is the promise all Clawback-endorsed candidates make:

Candidate Pledge:

I. Vote for a Speaker who is thoughtful, who fosters bi-partisan collaboration, and who supports changes that bring back the full, intended powers of Congress:

  • This will re-establish the checks and balances in our U.S. Government;

  • And will help Congress move issues forward and get important legislation done.

II. Take away from the President his regulation writers – those who turn legislation into laws and programs – and put them back reporting to Congress:

  • Regulations, after being written, should require a Congressional vote of approval before they become effective;

  • Then all laws will be consistent and reflect the intent of the legislation.

III. Re-assert power to oversee government agencies by eliminating the appropriations committee and giving that authority directly to committee chairmen.

IV. Re-assert Congressional power to oversee proper execution of laws and programs:

  • With Congress doing oversight it will keep agencies from over-spending, under-performing, abusing power and running amok;

  • Congress can then help root out corruption in all areas of government.

V. Support re-establishing the States’ power to check the Federal Government by moving issues to state control wherever possible (Constitution Article I Section 10);

  • This reinforces the role of states to balance governing power;

  • It also returns local control over local issues and state regulations and laws

VI. Vote to remove the 2,000 Federal Judges out of the Executive Branch and into the Judiciary branch:

  • By placing these Administrative Law Judges under Federal Courts, this further re-establishes the separation of powers among the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government.

  • It also stops any potential abuse of judicial powers by the President.

VII. I recognize that my role in Congress will be to serve on committees:

  • I will counsel with the chairs, the committees and members of Congress to promote good law making;

  • I will collaborate, through civil and friendly persuasion, to gain support for ideas to improve the outcome of legislative activity.

VII. AND I PROMISE that I will not corruptly direct money or program funding to people I am associated with and from which I may directly or indirectly benefit.

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